Classes for dogs that are a little shy, calm dogs looking to expand their skills and older dogs

In this class we run through all the basic every day essential skills, as well as looking at how to build our dogs confidence around other dogs, and in their own ability with exercises and games from across the board of dog disciplies. There is a big emphasis on teaching our dogs to look to us and gently desensitise them to the more scary aspects in the world around them, and helping them to feel that they are able to make choices. This class also offers opportunities for more advance handlers to work on developing their skills further and is just perfect for older dogs who might benefit from cognitive skills. Our most senior dogs are Socks aged 13 and Echo aged 12!

Socks aged 13 years - you most definitely can teach an old dog new tricks!
Socks aged 13 years

Clavering 10.30 Thursday mornings

Our class in Clavering has a lovely dog club atmosphere where our friendly group come to continue their training regular weekly basis. For newcomers we look at all of the above and then look to develop and progress our skills further.