Every day essentials for young and bouncy dogs in Clavering

Crumble sit

This is our foundation skills class built around the principle that well mannered, friendly dogs are not just a joy to their owners, they are an asset to our communities as a whole.

This class introduces you to the power of positive reinforcement training and give you all the tools you need help you better understand and communicate with your dog, and is especially geared towards younger or more excitable dogs. The emphasis is on control and good manners training, we also look at owner responsibility, handling and work through drills for every day real life scenarios.

Thursday 9.30 am in Clavering Village Hall / Jubilee Fields

Email info@paws4me.co.uk to register your interest and be kept up to date with forthcoming classes. Quieter and more timid dogs might want to consider our follow on class at 10.30 am

Page model: Crumble demonstrating her sit to whistle at distance in Clavering