Please bring:

Escher dummy

  • A good supply of treats - see suggestions below.
  • A rubber backed door mat large enough for your dog to settle on. It doesn't have to be rubber backed but it does help on a wooden floor. We use this for a variety of purposes and I recommend you take one with you when visiting friends and family with your dog.
  • A target stick (wooden spoon / spatula is fine)
  • *Your dog’s favourite soft toy and a blanket - puppies and "Little Heroes" classes only
  • A whistle, long line and clicker if you have one. These can be ordered from me, or readily bought from pet shops and on-line.
  • A muzzle if you have one for the purpose of teaching our dogs to enjoy wearing it - not to wear in class. Otherwise, we use a plastic cup.
  • Ideally, especially for recall and distance work on a long line, your dog should be wearing a well fitted harness, not of the 'no pull' variety, but comfortable and secure. Ttouch, makuti, perfect fit and ruffwear harnesses are great.
  • A well fitted collar with id tags in accordance with UK law.

Do take care when arriving at the venue and ensure all dogs have plenty of space. Some dogs may well not be tolerant of close contact with others.

Slip leads and choke / check collars are not permitted in class. Half check / martingale collars are OK for dogs that tend to slip their collars.

A note on head collars: We do not advocate the use of head collars for general every day wear and we aim to teach you how to walk with your dog without one, however we appreciate that they do have their place with some dogs. We have to consider safety first, so if you do use a head collar, by all means come with it.


If your dog is normally kibble fed, you can boost his normal food by putting some in a bag with some cooked liver, sardine or cheese to make it tastier and smellier.

Primula cheese or perhaps cream cheese  / cottage cheese / yogurt / mashed banana in a squeezy tube or even a syringe (no needle!) for smaller dogs, sausage chopped into disks, cubes of cheddar, cooked meats etc.

It's worth considering the amount of salt you are feeding. I try to avoid processed foods myself but that said, I get through shedloads of primula!

Remember, your dog will use a good amount of physical and mental energy while working, so a few extra calories won't hurt