Walking on lead

When your dog wants to walk with you, he will. If his main goal is destination, and the journey is unimportant, he will pull.

Make walking together fun.

Have you ever had to walk alongside an elderly person or a very young child when you were in a hurry and you just wanted to get from A-B?

May be the shops were about to close, you had other things going on and you felt the frustration of them holding you back? ...But then, if you strike up a conversation, engage - play i-spy or talk about memories, things change, you are not so in a hurry.

Reverse the roles, you are now that encumbrance, your dog is in a hurry...

If you make walking fun for him, it'll be more fun for you too. I teach my dog a lot of fancy footwork, dance moves and we chat, share food, stop to look at things, play tickles. Escher loves being on lead and walking with me. I love him being on lead and walking with him. Getting to that stage does take some doing.

Instead of taking your dog straight out to the to the woods or park every day, why not take him to different places where he's not expecting to be let off to run free (which must be all the more appealling if you've built up a huge amount of frustration being held up by a human), take him on a park bench hike, where you just go from bench to bench to sit and watch the world go by. If you want a happier lead life with your dog, the answer is simply to make walks all about *you and him time*, not just *him time*.



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