vets get scanningThe new compulsorary microchipping regulations don't go far enough and have only been put in place to save money on the management of stray dogs. Nothing is mentioned about the need to scan microchips and check registration to help find missing and stolen pets. 

Its no good giving all dogs microchips in all vets, agencies and other establishments do not scan for microchips as standard procedure everytime and any time an animal is dealt with whether dead or alive.

Compulsory microchipping does not work without compulsory scanning and responsible owners are being let down as we have to rely on a 'duty of care' which does not work now!

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If you are a breeder, why not include a copy of tthis flyer in your puppy packs? ..or if you are a pet care professional - a trainer, vet, behaviourist, groomer, dog walker / pet sitter etc. Please download the form from the link before and print off a copy for your clients.

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