Gemma Willis


Gemma is passionate about feeding dogs a natural fresh food diet and delivers throughout the area. I am a firm believer that fresh is best - I don't like processed food, I don't like the idea of my dog eating something that's made to be stored as being priorty over being nourishing and tasty for my dog!



Three Counties K9 Hydrotherapy

Helen Canney


I 'met' Helen on-line while looking to promote my training classes locally, and she came to see me at my Clavering class to tell me about her new hydrotherapy business just up the road in Chrishal.

I was already looking to teach Escher to swim properly as he's the 'sensible-cautious' type and I knew it was not going to come naturally to him, so I took him to her for a few swimming lessons. He was certainly not the easiest of dogs for her, but her patience won the day.

Helen specialises in treating dogs that have been injured or need help with arthritic conditions, but will also see dogs by veterinary referral for fitness swimming and water confidence. She is a lovely, kind and patient girl I am now glad to call a friend, and I can wholeheartedly say that your dog could not be in better hands than hers.