Our ethical stance on dog training

Paws 4 me is dedicated to the cause of modern, ethical "force-free" dog training, and bound by the code of ethics set out by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). We are also a proud member of the Pet Professionals Guild.

You will never be asked to do anything to your dog that will in any way cause him to feel fearful or intimidated, or cause him physical pain by means of 'corrections' and we will not tolerate harsh handling of dogs in our classes.

In our training sessions, we teach you how to effectively train yor dog by harnessing his natural instincts, and using positive reinforecment (often referred to as r+) to teach him which behaviours we would most like him to continue to offer us.

Should your dog have already developed a few bad habits, we can look at a number of means to eliminate these, such as teaching him new and incompatable behaviours, setting up scenarios whereby what we want him to do is more rewarding than what he is already doing. An example of this might be teaching him that running to our placemat when the postman knocks rather than jumping at the door, or showing him that so long as he is behaving as we would like him to, we can have a great time together, but all the fun stops if he breaks the rules. These methods are scientifically proven to be effective, and have no 'fall out', whereas aversive and punishment training might also teach the dog what you do and don't want from him, it may also make him more wary and less trusting, so more likely to act in an unpredictable manner.

What's more, its fun! Its fun to give your dog things he likes, its fun to play games that encourage your dog to want to be part of your team, and its downright fantastic to know that your dog loved the training session too!

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