A couple of years ago a friend of mine had a bit of a run in with a guy in the village which left her feeling quite upset and understandably shaken.

While listening to her account of what happened, it prompted me to remember a forum discussion relating to a charity which offered people free legal support and advice when they are unsure of where they stand in the case of such disputes, and so I set about to find out more about them. A quick google soon helped me find the organisation I was looking for, Justice for Dogs, founded by Ann Harpwood MBE.

I called Ann that morning and had a really good chat to her about the work her charity does, and dogs in general. She founded the charity twenty-five years ago on the base of a life time working in law, and has a dedicated team of barristers, solicitors, veterinary surgeons and dog behavioursts who offer their services free of charge to Justice for Dogs members who need their help.

Personally, I have had very little dealings with solicitors in my life, but I do know that legal fees can mount very quickly and a single phone call might cost several hundred pounds. I am also very aware that is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a dog owner now with so many places being put under dog control orders and made out of bounds to dog owners, and more and more people seem to be afraid of dogs and unwelcoming to them. It seemed to me that this charity was therefore a very worthy cause, and with Escher being a young, lively and intelligent lad, it seemed like a pretty sensible idea to join up. At the same time, I pledged my support to help promote them.